Are you ready for 2017?

Are you ready for 2017?  The last new moon for 2016 arrives Thursday the 29th Dec, at 06:53 a.m. GMT.  It comes at a time of winter contemplation, a time to ponder and plan. It lets us press the “pause” button before 2017 arrives, bringing with it an opportunity for  pregnancy and possibility!

Capricorn is a sign which calls us to plan ahead, to work with strategy and trust in the potential of  the future. It holds the wisdom of families, our ancestors and those who led the way for us. So between now and December 31st reflect over your strengths, see patterns and build your trust in your fertility journey

Are you ready for 2017? Before the end of the year spend some time to go inwards, reflect on  your successes and examine how you may be able to support your fertility journey.  Here are 4 possibilities for you to consider


Start 2017 with a Fertility MOT.  £200.00 (single) £350.00 (couple)

Initial  90 minute consultation + programme + 45 minute follow up appointment  included 

Research shows that when you prepare your body before pregnancy you are more likely to achieve a healthy pregnancy and  long term healthy baby.  Poor prenatal nutrition impacts adult disease  

Here at Creation Fertility we believe pre-conceptual fertility health should be tailor made to provide the best for your baby.  The fertility MOT includes a full nutritional consultation together with  in  Asyra Health Screening . This assesses nutrient absorption & deficiencies, food sensitivities, toxic burden such as heavy metals and environmental chemicals. We build a prepare-for-pregnancy  fertility programme  that supports your well being, encourages detoxification and addresses 21st century stress that may be impacting your conceptual health.  We identify any areas that may require additional  testing and recommend fertility boosting supplements and lifestyle support. You also receive the Creation Fertility recipe book, down to earth fertility coaching and simple hormonal/ovulation tracking support.  You also receive A FREE PACK  of  Creation Fertility Guidance Cards to maintain focus and ensure you maintain  fertility  wellbeing.

Enjoy a course of my signature therapies, only £300 for 6 treatments. Available until February 28th/29th

December Special OfferAs 2017 arrives  use this winter signature therapy course to take stock and relax. Each treatment includes

30 minutes back neck and shoulders hot stones massage

30 minute lymphatic facial massage

Rest and detox in the warm far infared “Cocoon” sauna

Enjoy a restorative cup of home made turmeric tea

December special offerManual lymphatic massage is an incredibly gentle but super powerful form of massage.  It is particularly useful post Christmas detoxification and hormonal upset but without the agony of fasting or using nutritional supplements. It is a gentle but a remedial form of massage.  Lymphatic drainage (also known as MLD) boosts immune health and cleanses the body. Facial lymphatic massage helps to relieve sinus congestion, tension headaches, myalgia, hormonal skin conditions, soothes the face and jaw line and reduces facial bloating and puffiness.

Relax & Detox in the Cocoon far infared sauna
The direct heat from the Cocoon SystemTM allows for gentle relaxation of the muscles, cellular rejuvention for the whole body including the womb and detoxifies all at the same time.It gently warms the lymphatic tissues which encourages a deeper and more effective massage.  I have found far infared a great aid to fertility and conceptual support including womb cleansing post miscarriage or failed assisted conception.  I have also used it to support endometriosis pain and reduce fibroids/polyps/cysts when used alongside hormone wellbeing programmes

Encourages detoxification and  supports recovery

Boost the immune system

As a stress support – encourages deep rest and relaxation

Supports preparing for pregnancy or trying to conceive,  poly cystic  ovaries, post assisted conception failure, and other hormonal issues


yule-logUse this ritual to release 2016 AND  release your dreams and aspirations  for 2017. End of year  ritual instructions





Come to this wonderful workshop! Saturday February 4th 2017   

Coming Home and Finding Balance   £37.50 per person  2 pm – 5 pm @ Heart-Twickenham

Love our Womb WorshopJoin me and  Amanda Wilkes Yoga  for another  Love Your Womb workshop.  Book your ticket via eventbrite right now!

Today  we include elemental practices, deep restorative rest, gentle yoga movement and balancing pranayama.  We explore natural remedies to balance hormones, offer nutrition guidance and discuss the use of essential oils.

 Womb yoga integrates Eastern and healing philosophy, gentle movement and much more. Enjoy 3 hours of  deep restorative relaxation, yoga, naturopathic philosophy,  kirtan chant and healing.

Call Justine Evans on 07747 133170 for more information