A sun meditation

A sun meditation

This month I am offering you a sun meditation to warm and restore some vitality.  The sun symbolises energy, fire, determination, courage, focus and positivity – something most of us need right now.  Put simply the sun lifts our spirits, re-ignites our inner fire and sheds light on our path so we can follow it with positivity.

When I pulled card number 20 – the Sun from the Creation Fertility Toolkit I was reminded of the beautiful weather we had over Easter and how uplifting I had found it. Of course, I have discussed sun energy before when I waxed lyrical about 4 essential fertility nutrients and you can read my full article about this months hormone inspiration at my sister site but today, I ask you:

What does the sun represent to you?  The sun radiates positivity, new beginnings, determination, growth and daylight.  From a yogic perspective we consider it relates to the solar plexus – that place where all the above resides and is our vitality centre.

How do you feel about the sun? Does it fill you with positivity or do you shy away from it?

Are you aware of how it changes you physically or emotionally?  How does the sun react with your skin and your hormones?  How can you bring sunshine into your life this moon cycle?

Of course we cannot talk about the sun without considering it’s connection with vitamin D.  Did you know that Vitamin D is actually a pro- hormone? The body makes vitamin D in a chemical reaction that occurs when sunlight hits the skin. This reaction produces cholecalciferol, and the liver converts it to calcidiol. The kidneys then convert the substance to calcitriol, which is the active form of the hormone in the body. Vitamin D has its effects by binding to a protein (called the vitamin D receptor) which is present in nearly every cell of our body and affects many different body processes

Food sources of Vitamin D include; oily fish (trout, wild salmon, mackerel, herring, anchovies, sardines, krill oil), egg yolk, butter and milk. Natural Source: Sunshine! Full body exposure during summer months for 10-15 mins in an adult produces between 10,000 – 20,000 IU of Vitamin D3 within 24 hours.  So get outside and enjoy some daylight!

Remember, vitamin D  supports  your reproductive health – controlling the genes in making oestrogen. Did you know it is  present in the ovaries, uterus and placenta?  A recent study found that women with higher vitamin D levels were significantly more likely to produce high quality embryos and achieve pregnancy from IVF compared to women with lower levels of vitamin D.  Also, low levels of vitamin D in men reduced pregnancy rates.

What to do this month:

Check your vitamin D levels and take a supplement if necessary.

Get outside daily

Meditate with my sun meditation below to bring warmth and energy into your heart, solar plexus and sacral chakra.

Here’s my sun meditation


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