3 mindful protection methods

3 mindful protection methods

So far this month we have connected with Pachamamma using seasonal foods and earth energies. But now we are moving on to the 2nd card for the month  from my guidance cards  – card number 5. Protection.  Such an interesting card and so relevant right now.

What does protection mean to you?  The Cambridge English dictionary defines it as the condition or state of being kept safe from injury, damage or loss. Ok – that’s simple but I am not talking in the “physical sense so much”  – more psychically and emotionally.  Are you feeling vulnerable right now?  I know I am.

Because 2020  continues to press our fear buttons, our patience, our personal values ethics and boundaries, our finances, our businesses, our fertility journeys, our life plans,  our education, our holidays I really feel that this card has arrived at the perfect time.  Of course a lot of this “fear” relates to Covid -19 and everything associated with it.  I am well aware how the fear associated with the virus through media, social media, the government  etc has impacted on my family, friends and colleagues lives & relationships.  It has also impacted on my clinical practice and personal wellbeing.  So, today I am not talking about the advantages/disadvantages of  government guidelines, PPE and mask wearing or the negative or positives of 2020 but offering

 3 audio mindful protection visualisations





I suggest you either listen to 1 or all of the protection audios and try the mindful techniques out.


  1. The bubble of light.

3 mindful protection methods So – we have done this once before.   This is a simple and common mindful visualisation that I personally love !  I recommend you ‘bubble up’ daily  or  when you feel it’s needed (i.e. before you go into an energetically charged environment).  Remember to un-bubble yourself during intimacy and environments of trust and love.

This simple creative visualisation totally seals off your sacred energy field and gives you protection. We are going to visualise standing inside a bubble. The bubble is clear, flexible, and strong.

To begin, imagine a white egg-shaped orb of white light floating toward you. When it’s close enough to touch, step toward it and then, step inside of it. Feel the orb accept your entire body within its form. Inside, the white light feels warm and soft, loving and healing. The layer of light between you and the world outside of the bubble you’re in is your buffer; nothing can touch you or reach you here unless the light outside is of equal vibration and intention. Pure love can reach you, as can pure healing and pure consciousness; lower vibrations remain outside.

This bubble of light creates a powerful shield around you and moves with you wherever you go. You can also add to the visualisation by imaging that the top of the bubble is connected to the universe. Imagine that it’s connected with a thread of golden light, so that it is effectively hooked up to a permanent stream of cosmic energy. You can change the colour of the bubble pink for love, blue for healing, and red for energy. In fact, you can be as creative as you like with your visualisation adding whatever elements inspire you.

Remember: If someone is sending you love, their love will be returned to them; if someone has sent you harmful energy, that energy will also be returned to them. This can be an intense experience for the recipient depending on what they sent in your direction; the nature of what is returned is decided by them and their intention alone.

Bubbling yourself up is a quick and easy technique with very few possible consequences for you or others; you can imagine yourself inside the sphere quickly once you practice and you can step out of the bubble when you like.

The 2nd mindful visualisation is called the Violet Flame:

3 mindful protection techniquesThe violet flame is practical and easy to use.

Find a place where you won’t be disturbed, and sit comfortably in a straight chair with your spine and head erect, legs and arms uncrossed and feet flat on the floor. Rest your hands on your upper legs, with palms facing upwards.

You can call upon Saint Germain to begin if you are “spiritually inclined”.  To do this simply state “I AM a being of violet fire!” Take a few, slow deep breaths and centre your heart. Start out slowly, giving the decree with love, devotion and feeling. Repeat the decree three times.

Please close your eyes and see yourself before a large bonfire – the flames the colour of violet and all its forms with the flames flames pulsating and undulating.  Now, in your minds eye step into the flame. See your body as transparent with the flames curling up from beneath your feet, passing through and around your body, clear up over your head.

The 3rd mindful visualisation is called the Cloak of protection

This visualisation is ideal when you’re commuting, shopping or going anywhere where you feel you need to shield your energy. Imagine pulling on a full-length cloak made from the darkest shade of blue – like the midnight blue of the night sky.  Midnight blue is the colour associated with AA Michael and also the Divine Mother.  Having said this you do not have to associate it with any deity/goddess/religious being.  I will leave this to you.

Take a few breaths and centre yourself.

Now imagine that a deep blue velvet full length cloak is being placed from behind you onto your shoulders.  Take time to mindfully feel the weight of the cloak and become aware of how it feels.  Touch the softness of the velvet and become aware of whether it has a lining or not.  What colour and material is the lining?  The lining of the cloak could be magical –  and could be decorated on the inside and out with  symbols. Take time and make a note to yourself that the cloak is long – right to the tips of your toes.  How does the cloak smell and if so how does this make you feel? The cloak has a hood – imagine pulling it up  and over your head/crown chakra.Now wrap the cloak around you so you are fully protected.  How do you feel? Protected!

When you have finished with the cloak of protection remember to disconnect from it and return to whence it came.


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Justine Evans ND

Justine Evans ND B.Sc Nut. Medicine is a Registered Naturopath and Founder of Creation Fertility and Hormone Alchemy.  Justine is a bodyworker, healer; homotoxicologist, nutritional therapist and meditation teacher.  She has completed the BWY Foundation Course as well as studied Well Women Yoga and Womb Yoga Training with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli.  In tune with mother nature, western medicine, the seasons and Eastern philosophy Justine offers a multi dimensional approach to your fertility and hormone health.  email contact@justineevans.co.uk or call 07747 133170

Disclaimer: This article has been written as personal opinion and guidance only and should not be construed as medical advice.