Want a baby? Try this liver cleanse

Starts  March 21st  –  only £100  

Are you wanting a baby?  Then please join me for  21 days to a more fertile you liver cleanse. It is time to bring the spring back into your step.  Cleanse, detoxify and rebalance.  

The liver is one of the most important organs in the body. Did you know it governs about 500 metabolic processes to ensure good health and fertility?

  • production of heat, breakdown and elimination of hormones essential for hormonal balance and detoxification (especially oestrogen)
  • methylation and absorption of folic acid
  • metabolises carbohydrates – including helping to maintain blood sugar levels;
  • fat metabolism and cholesterol balance;
  • protein metabolism
  • storage of blood
  • bile salts production  for digestion;
  • storage of vitamins (A, D, E, K, B, C) and minerals (iron, potassium, copper, zinc);

This great Spring liver cleanse is suitable if you are

wanting a short preparing for pregnancy cleanse  or recovering from  a miscarriage, 

need a cleanse post failed assisted conception,

need to re-balance after contraception removal, 

want to regulate  your emotions and hormones,

Suffer from PMS 

are looking to balances your menstruation ,

reduce PCOS symptoms, 

wish to gently cleanse the liver to increase digestion and gut health,  reduce symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety, sleep disturbances,

 *(sorry  this programme is not suitable if  you are pregnant or  currently lactating).  

If you already follow me you know I consider hormone health with cycles and seasons.  The significance of the Spring Equinox  represents new life, new beginnings, emerging seeds and the return of illuminating light! It is also associated with the LIVER.

Just as the length of day and night is equal, this time represents our own need for balance of the yin/yang and male/female energies.  It is a time for new beginnings, to bring a spring into your step; maintain focus and step forward into new, fresh, positive ways.  It is also associated with creation and fertility, just like the Easter moon card in the Creation Fertility Toolkit.

This amazing 21 day programme comes complete with

Closed facebook group

Nutrition supplementation products  included in the price


  • As you would expect from me the programme integrates Eastern and Western philosophy  so:
  • gentle exercises to support the liver
  • Lots of fresh seasonal recipes following the 5:2 approach.  It is easy to follow but I have removed  dairy produce for the full 21 days due to hormone disrupting farming methods and hormone disrupting stimulants.
  •  The FB group is interactive and I invite you to interact and share recipes.
  • Therapeutic quality nutritional supplementation products are included in the price.  A short questionnaire will need to be completed if you haven’t worked with me before to ensure your  fertility health is suitable for the programme and nutrition products are appropriate.

 Hormone Alchemist and Fertility ExpertTo register with Justine Evans ND, Hormone Alchemist and Fertility Expert  buy 21 day Spring cleanse here.

Bring the spring back into your step.  Cleanse, detoxify and rebalance