It’s alchemy. Mind-body fertility

It’s alchemy season so let’s use a mind-body approach to fertility.  Connecting to this seasons  energy of natural change  we watch nature turn leaves  gold/orange/and red as the trees  release their leaves  to Mother Nature for re-birth.  Daylight reduces and evenings lengthen  providing ample time for  personal nurturing,  healing  and letting go.    Since everything is  cyclic and reflective in our mind  this mind-body fertility special combines reiki, intuition and a positive mindset to release any conscious or unconscious blocks which are impeding conception.  Together we  connect with alchemy,  moon energy,   “and sow the seeds for the future”.




Mind-body fertility special offer

Relax and surrender to fertility alchemy.  I invite you to open both your mind and body to healing. Experience a full  Reiki and energy healing  treatment, then let intuitive insights and guidance (using divination tools including angel cards) help you see the way forward.  Trust in guidance; release to Universal energy and sow the seeds to the future.

Invest in yourself.  2 hours £75.00

This  transformative special offer is available until  the New Moon on Monday December 18th.


Here is some feedback I have already received

“Thank you so much, that was amazing and so worthwhile” LA – October 2017

“Thank you for an amazing afternoon or cards and healing” – LC, November 2017

“I was meant to do this – it explains so much” CS, November 2017




Time to whisper and to listen.  Time to soak your heart’s intentions.  Bellow deep in the dark’s delight buzzing soft your own invention ~ Nancy Blair





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Justine Evans NDJustine Evans ND is the Founder of Creation Fertility, the Creation Fertility Toolkit,  and a Hormone Alchemist.  Justine connects life with natural cycles and seasons, integrating Western science with traditional healing  &  alchemy. Justine  has been connecting with “Spirit” for many years, is a Usui and Seichem Reiki Master/ Teacher, works with Goddess energy and  and runs a private Women’s Natural Health and Fertility Clinic in Richmond Borough, Surrey.