2 Week Wait and Mantra Chant

2 Week Wait and Mantra Chant  – Use your breath and voice  to raise kundalini  vibration to a higher  state.

What is Meditation?

Meditation shifts consciousness and with consistent daily practice can help you rearrange your life. It brings what is ‘unconscious’ into consciousness.  Basically  it helps you to lower your brainwave frequency into a state that accelerates healing. Once mastered it’s a skill you have for life.
Chanting is a form of mindful meditation which has endured through the ages and is practiced around the world  to unite the mind, body, emotions and breath through sound. Through chant it is possible to open and nurture your creativity, lower stress levels, and remain living in the present rather than in the past or future. Some people are naturally drawn to chant while others feel awkward using their voices, but the more you do it the more confident you feel.  Once you become accustomed to the vibration and  renewed  positivity  you will look forward to a daily chant!

You can begin by singing along with recorded chants to help dispel any nervousness, some of which you will find on my Free Meditations page  but  you are welcome to attend a group practice with me at Heart Twickenham Chanting Group with Justine Evans on April 19th and May 10th. Even if you don’t take part with the chanting the vibration felt within the group will resonate  and benefit you. T

Chants or “mantra” can be composed of names, words, sounds, syllables, or even sections of text. Because I am a Hormone Alchemist and Fertility Expert the chants I am encouraging you to adopt support  family life, opening the heart and welcoming change and new beginnings – including hormonal balance and babies! Within my group practice at   Heart Twickenham   we have been working with raising kundalini with chant. The 1st mantra chant was Om  Nama  Shivaya .  This is a wonderful mantra  for a happy family life and I personally feel it is the ideal mantra during the challenging 2 week wait when you are hoping for news of a  positive pregnancy.  Why do I think this ? Lord Shiva is a Hindu Deity who is believed to  bless one with the precious gift of true love, stable family life and wonderful children.  Lord Shiva is devoid of ego and arrogances that destroys relationships.  He is simple, kind, protective and giving in nature.  In India unmarried women pray and chant to him for a long, stable and happy married life whilst  Mondays are devoted to Lord Shiva and they chant his mantra and pour water and milk on the “Shiva Lingam” – the symbol of fertility.

2 week wait Mantra Chant

To begin, sit comfortably with a straight back and take a series of long, deep breaths to open and flex your lungs. Then, take another breath, and with resonant tones direct your breath outward in the form of the sound Om – (pronounced Au – u -mm.) Om  Nama  Shivay – pronounced  Om    Naa-maa     she-vaay.
You can either just repeat this as demonstrated on you can use a yoga mala with 21 beads to help you remain focused.  Hold the mala in your left hand  and imagine receiving happy family life – love – a family, repeating the chant 21 times.  Now transfer the mala into the right hand and imagine giving happiness with a happy family life – again the repeat the chant 21 times.

Kundalini Chant   What is it?

Kundalini is the energy held in the body, coiled like a serpent, at the base of the spine which when awakened opens chakras and releases blockages.  By raising kundalini energy it is possible to  experience a sense of peace, love and oneness.  There are a number of kundalini chants – one being  SAT KAT TAR.  This wonderful chant supports opening of the heart – see below

Chanting for Fertility and Hormonal Balance including the Menopause

To support all fertility journeys and hormonal health it is really important to consider mind and body.  Meditation comes in many forms – all of which can support your  fertility journey and your personal wellbeing.  It helps you find the still centre, reduce prolactin and stress hormones, help you to see the goodness within yourself, find you core being, quieten the mind and raise kundalini energy – not to mention help you to feel compassionate and relate well to your partner.

Creation Fertility Guidance Cards

Moonstone, Carnelian, Shiva Lingams, Mookaite Jaspar
Moonstone, Carnelian, Shiva Lingams, Mookaite Jaspar

Creation Fertility Guidance Cards (previously referred to as Tuaret Fertility Cards)  are due for publication early April.  This set of 42 inspirational guidance cards  utilise Kundalini chants to raise your vibration,  call you baby and maintain focus when trying for a baby. The cards are sold in packs  (£10.99) or as a set which include the Creation Fertility Wrist Mala together with 2 Shiva Lingams and a Mookaite crystal PLUS The Creation Fertility Anointing Essence. Here is one of the kundalini chants recommended with the Creation Fertility Guidance Cards SAT KAR TAR

This chant means unconditional love  and is heart opening. You have been drawn to this chant because there is a sense that you may want or need  to experience more love flowing in your life

PRONUNCIATION: SAT sounds like “sut”, KAR sounds like “ker”, TAR sounds like “tar” POSTURE: Sit in easy pose or any comfortable meditation position, using the Creation Fertility wrist Mala  repeat 21 times.


What are Mala Beads?  

Mala beads are used to count mantra recitations and help  you focus. The goal is to feel the mala beads with the fingers, recite the mantra and visualise the outcome at the same time. To use your mala, hold it in your left (receiving) hand, with the beads between your index finger and thumb. Hold the mala gently. Start counting with the first bead after the “guru” bead. Each bead marks one recitation of the mantra or affirmation. Each round of the mala will offer 21 recitations.

Creation Fertility Wrist Malas

fertility moonstone and carnelian
Creation Fertility Wrist Mala

Creation Fertility Wrist Malas are exclusive to Creation Fertility, imprinted with healing love and made by hand from the fertility stones carnelian and moonstone. I recommend that the mala is worn on the left wrist daily and taken off to use during chant.  They are available to buy for £17.99.




Let’s Talk About Fertility

Wrist Mala’s, Fertility Stones, Creation Fertility Insight Cards and  plenty of shared knowledge including Nutritional Support will be available at   Let’s Talk About Fertility   on Wednesday April 22nd  at Heart Twickenham 7.30pm.  Please contact me to book your FREE place!

Telephone  07747 133170 to book your place!

Heart Meditation with Justine Evans Sunday April 19th  – 10 am -11 am  and   Sunday May 10th.  10 am – 11 am at Heart Twickenham, 67a Holly Road, Twickenham TW1 4HF.

A great way to experience the wonderful vibration that you feel when experience this amazing mindful form of chanting meditation.  Even if you are too shy to chant you will still feel the vibration! The practice group is open to everyone, male and female, experienced  to meditation or new to it! We begin with pre-meditation breathwork or bio-dynamic meditation and complete the chant with a period of silence and contemplation.  Mantra Chants change per month and are Hindu based. Heart Twickenham is a wonderful centre run by a Yogi, Tuesday McNeil in Twickenham.  If you can’t attend one of the group practices then I have a number of free audio meditations and e-books available to download on my web sites Creation Fertility and  Justine Evans       I am also available for 1-2-1 classes – either at my clinic room or via Skype.  This year I am also offering personalised recorded meditations when you have a 1-2-1 lesson and of course my Creation Fertility Guidance Cards will be available soon!  More information on chanting can be found here Chanting


Call me on 07747 133170 to reserve your place ,  pay for your class or arrange an appointment with me!

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