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Signature Therapies to support your fertility and pregnancy journey

Reflexology and Massage


Energy Healing

Nutritional Therapy

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Creation Fertility Toolkit

The Creation Fertility Toolkit provides guidance for all fertility journeys . Connect with nature and nutrition to become baby-ready

42 fertility oracle guidance cards, an aromatherapy essence, crystal bracelet and 2 fertility crystals  plus full instructions

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Nutritional Therapy

Fertility MOT and Prepare for Pregnancy cleanses
Conception and Fertility Programmes
Assisted Conception Support

Pregnancy and Birthing Programmes

Research shows when both parents adopt pre-conceptual healthcare it is possible to influence reproductive outcomes.  Not only in the chance of conceiving but also the future health of a baby.

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Can environmental toxins affect fertility?

As you probably already know this year I decided to help you all build a fertility lifestyle month by month by offering guidance using my Creation Fertility Toolkit each month. This month’s new moon reading considers “chemicals” and how it impacts on hormone balance and fertility. Here’s the video Can environmental toxins affect fertility? Have Continue reading »

MLD massage and fertility

MLD massage and fertility This week I am talking about an AMAZING form of massage called Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) to support your fertility, assisted conception procedures, during pregnancy and post-baby too. MLD massage and fertility With research we are realising how much immunological factors are contributing to (in) fertility issues.  If you have already Continue reading »