• Are you ready to conceive?

    This  first new moon after the Spring Equinox asks  “are you ready to conceive?”  The Aries new moon is a perfect time for contemplation, reflection and setting intention for this coming moon phase.  It effectively offers you an opportunity to review your current situation (without judging yourself)  and encourages you to identify  the way forward Continue reading »

  • Discounted seasonal treatment

    Don’t miss this discounted seasonal treatment, it’s available until March 28th Support fertility naturally. Release, rest and rejuvenate Enjoy detoxifying  lymphatic facial massage and a warming hot stones massage whilst rejuvenating in a warming far infrared sauna.  Complete each  hour treatment with a cup of steaming herbal tea.  Only £300 for 6 treatments Manual lymphatic Continue reading »

  • FREE Spring Hormone DeTox

    I would love to invite you to this FREE Spring Hormone Detox.  It starts with the New moon on Sunday 26th February.   Can you join me?  This 4 week Spring hormone detox is different! Using moon energy, the 5 elements, seasonal foods and traditional natural remedies my FREE on-line hormone detox is perfect if you Continue reading »

  • Become womb positive

    Are you womb positive? The New moon on January 28th guides us to connect with loving Shakti energy to become womb positive. Card 1 – Feel Shakti energy and become womb positive.  My November 2016 new moon reading  focused on  the sacral centre, and explained its relevance to the womb centre.  This month I focus Continue reading »

  • Are you ready for 2017?

    Are you ready for 2017? Here are 4 possibilities for you to consider to support your fertility journey

  • FREE Fertility Meditation

    Forgive me if you already know but I developed the Creation Fertility guidance cards to support your fertility journey. The cards offer 42 fertility inspirations  together with healthy wellbeing guidance and mindful meditation practices all in a pack of cards! Originally the guidance cards were developed with the suggestion that you drew a card every week Continue reading »

  • Pachamamma

    Pachamamma is a fertility goddess. Also known as The Earth Mother she represents life itself. She is both the womb and the tomb and maintains the eternal, rhythmic balance of life which is why creation fertility guidance cards offer her as fertility support

  • 3 special offers to share

    3 special offers from Justine Evans ND and Creation Fertility available at the London Fertility Show to support your dream of parenthood