Fertility Coaching

Fertility Coaching

Justine Evans Founder of Creation FertilityFertility Coaching  with a Fertility Expert provides guidance, knowledge and support helping you make informed decisions without bias and coaching you through your personal fertility journey.  For instance you may be considering having a child, preparing for pregnancy, struggling with unexplained infertility or concerned during your pregnancy.  You would like reassurance and guidance but do not know who to ask or where to get the information.  In essence I am here to help you. You may wish to attend one of my Events such as Love Your Womb Workshop  or you may also be interested in combining fertility coaching with Fertility Nutrition,  or attending Nutrition Natters 

Here are some examples of how I can help you:


You would like a family but want to discuss when to stop contraception and regulate your cycle naturally.  How long does it take? Ovulation – what to look for and how. You have hormonal or an auto immune issues –  maybe thyroid, fibroids, PCOS, endometriosis and would like to discuss how you can support yourself naturally.  Reasoning for preparing for pregnancy and what to consider and change.

You have been trying for a baby but a positive pregnancy has not taken place. Your cycle seems irregular or maybe everything seems OK but a pregnancy does not take place.  Perhaps you have suffered a miscarriage? What tests can you receive from your GP? How do you ask for them?  Explanation of the results and their meanings. Where to go from here. What should you be eating? Stress related issues and emotions. Having received a diagnosis of some form from your GP/Hospital/Consultant what does it mean and what are your options from a naturopathic standpoint and from an orthodox standpoint?  Can you combine the two and how? The differences between ultrasounds, MRI’s etc. Complementary therapies – which therapies support your individual needs and recommendations for practitioners in your area.

IVF Hospitals – what their statistics mean and choosing the one that suits your needs. Understanding their requirements, the tests they perform etc. The different forms of assisted conception, why egg donation is becoming increasing offered, etc

Fertility Coaching is available in my Twickenham clinic, via Skype or in Dorset

Fertility Coaching in Dorset

I also offer Fertility Coaching weekends away at a cedar wood cabin in Dorset.  It’s just over 2 hours drive from London and a truly beautiful place.  Relax and  unwind with your partner and/or a few close friends – arrive from 2pm on a Friday and experience a weekend to remember leaving @ 4.30 pm Sunday.  I will be there to support you over the daytime during Saturday – to talk about your fertility journey and offer you coaching.  I can include nutritional therapy and Asyra Health Screening or offer you a cookery demonstration or some meditation or reflexology.  This truly is a bespoke and totally different experience fo couples preparing for pregnancy or trying to conceive.  Prices for  Bespoke Fertility Coaching weekends in Dorset start from £300 per person per weekend break

Pregnancy: Concerns during trimesters from an emotional and physical standpoint.  Travelling, Exercise. Which therapies suit each trimester and how/why?  Private Ultrasounds and use of  functional testing. What to consider when making a labour plan, how to choose between a  hospital, home birth or water birth. Support during labour (including naturopathic support so you can make an informed choice), private midwives, Doula’s, etc,

Post Birth: Labour trauma and rebalancing the body post birth – your options. Feeding concerns,  weaning, dietary concerns, vaccinations. Menstrual changes post birth, orthodox contraception-v-natural contraception etc

Fertility and Pregnancy Coaching costs £70 per half hour – via skype or in person. You can even make a saving and book at course of 6 monthly Skype 30 minute sessions for only £350.00.

Call Justine Evans ND, Fertility Expert on 07747 133170 to arrange your 1st session