Free Support

Free Support from Justine Evans ND, Fertility Expert at Creation Fertility.

Articles, meditations and information to support your fertility and pregnancy journey with

Naturopathy – From Fertility to Family: free support pdf of naturopathic support for hormonal health – Naturopathy for fertility

Justine’s 5 top Fertility Tips 5 TOP FERTILITY TIPS

Spagyric Energy Remedies – more about how to use them for emotional support and how Creation Fertility incorporate them into their programmes.

Hormonal Calendar – click here to download a pdf symptoms and pain chart.  This helps you assess pain and hormonal irregularities over your cycle – free support

Supporting Sperm Health – helpful little booklet for the men! Supporting Sperm Health

The Lunar Moon and Fertility – Full Moon and Fertility

Yeast/Fungal and Fertility:  free support pdf of naturopathic support for fungal infections – Yeast infections and Fertility

Free Support Guide to Environmental Toxicity and Fertility/Pregnancy: The Creation Fertilty Guide to Environmental Toxins

Free Support Guide to Natural Skincare when Preparing for a Baby and During Pregnancy Creation Fertility Guide to Skincare:

Easy to Use Creation Guide to Dry Skin Brushing

The Creation Fertility Guide to Dumping The Addictions: The Creation Fertility Guide to Dumping The Addictions

Creation Guide to Immunity – natural immune boosting suggestions when you are looking to support your immunity

Creation Fertility Guide To Ovulation and Conception – helpful handout on recognising when you are ovulating and timing for sex plus information on Ovulation kits (OPK’s)

Crystals associated with the Creation Fertility Mala –  helpful  facts and information on the crystals moonstone and carnelian within the Creation Fertility Mala

Education Schedule:

For a list of Nutrition Talks including Fertility Health and Pregnancy Care, other workshops including  meditation group practice and Reiki Attunements click here Education Schedule 2015


Free Support :Meditations:

Quietening the Mind Audio Visualisation – quietening the mind

Breathing and Grounding Visualisation to listen to relax and calm – breathing and grounding visualisation

Spring meditation – connect with nature and positive thought – Spring meditation  (12 minutes audio)

Om Namah Shivay – the perfect 2 week wait mantra.  This wonderful Lord Shiva mantra blesses us with a stable family life and children

Sat Kar Tar – perfect mantra to raise kundalini energy whilst trying for a baby. Use with the Creation Fertility Wrist mala and recite 21 times daily. Sat Kar Tarsupports heart opening and unconditional love


Diets and Recipes

Fertility Truffles – yummy easy to make truffles to support your fertility journey

Recipes and Ideas To Support Immunity – all are suitable when preparing for pregnancy and trying to conceive.  Check with me when pregnant!

The Creation Fertility Guide To The Natural Super Foods – information on cocoa nibs, aloe, Chlorophyll, Goji, Macca and much more to support your hormones and fertility health

Free recipes for natural super foods Superfoods for Fertility and Hormone Health

Helpful guidance for hormone and fertility health Fertility Diet

Vegetarian Fertility/Conception Support Dietary Plan.  Whilst being a vegetarian is a very healthy approach to health I do find that many vegetarians are over reliant on cheese and gluten (bread,pasta etc) Please print this out and see if you can help yourself!  Vegetarian Fertility Diet

Blood Sugar Diet and Quiz: Balancing your Blood Sugar


Subfertility Issues and Articles

Understanding Polycystic Ovaries: Polycystic Ovarian Syndromev2


Vegan and Pregnant – the 1st trimester dietary guideline support for vegans and vegetarians.  Sources of proteins etc